high quality hardwood pellets
for heating

Alexander Les LTD is a manufacturing company that produce high quality hardwood pellets for heating. Our production is based in Silistra area, in a modern industrial environment.
Our hardwood pellets are made from selected acacia wood, ensuring extremely high burning quality. Carefully selected wood is processed into pellets with a diameter of 6 millimeters. Which have an extremely high heat output of over 4.8 kW, which guarantees efficient and economical heating.
Available in 15 kg bags
1 pallet - 70 x 15 kg - 1050 kg
The new modern pellet production line is equipped with the most modern technologies that ensure high quality and efficiency of the production process. One of the key functions of the line is the wood dryer installation, from which the production process starts. This dryer ensures optimal percentage moisture in the wood, which is essential for the quality and fuel efficiency of the pellets. After the wood is properly dried, it is subjected to extreme pressing and processing to produce compact, high-density pellets.The next step in the production process is our packaging line, which ensures the pellets are properly and securely packed. The sacks have a capacity of 15 kilograms and are convenient to carry and store.

We believe that our hardwood pellets will meet your requirements for efficient and comfortable heating. We offer you high-quality fuel that is natural and environmentally friendly. Choose our pellets and enjoy the comfort and warmth they provide.


The advantages of heating with hardwood pellets are numerous:

1. Environmental friendliness:

Alexander Les EOOD pellets are produced from natural material - hardwood, which is a renewable resource. This makes them an ecologically clean fuel, with low carbon emissions content and minimal emissions of harmful gases.

2. Efficiency:

Alexander Les EOOD hardwood pellets have a high heat output, which guarantees efficient heating of your living space. They burn evenly and ensure a constant temperature in your home.

3. Easy storage and management:

Alexander Les EOOD pellets are compact and take up minimal storage space. They can be easily loaded into the pellet chamber of your heating system. In addition, many of the modern pellet stoves have automated control systems, which makes pellet heating extremely convenient and easy to use.  

4. Economy:

Alexander Les EOOD hardwood pellet heating offers economy and savings in heating costs. Pellets are available at competitive prices, and their high energy efficiency ensures optimal use. 5. Zero carbon emissions. All production expenses are covered by own solar panel plant, which makes our pellets a product with a zero carbon footprint.

Alexanderles Ltd.

'Alexanderles’ Ltd. has been established in 2007 in The Town of Silistra, as its main activity is logging, production of wooden stakes from acacia for vineyards, eco-briquettes, wholesale and retail sale of firewood and international transport.

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